Race Against Irina Shayk in Need For Speed!

Move over Mario and Luigi, there’s a new video game in town and it’s got two Sports Illustrated swimsuit models in it. The game is Need For Speed the Run. The models are Chrissy Teigen and Irina Shayk. And we’ve got exclusive images and an interview with Irina all about the video game.

Back in the day, video games were just a bunch of cute cartoon characters, but oh how the times have changed. For Need For Speed, Irina had to build an avatar, a process that requires a lot more than just sitting behind a computer making blue hedgehogs jump over fire pits. No offense to Sonic the Hedgehog.

Irina spent a whopping 14 hours in a studio filled with dozens of cameras wearing nothing but a black unitard and hundreds of little motion sensors covering her entire body. “I had to really use my imagination [in the studio],” Irina said, comparing the experience to acting, something she’d potentially be interested in in the future. “If I got hit by a car on the left [in the game] I had to act that out. It was fun!”

Irina, who was fascinated by the process, also had a lot of say in what her finished avatar looked like. “At first my lips were too big, my eyes were too small, and I didn’t like my hair but everyone really listened and I’m happy with the result. It’s very sexy.” Indeed, the avatar, otherwise known as Mila Belova, is a striking image of Irina, complete with her piercing green eyes and knockout figure. If we got to build an avatar, we’d want ours to look just like her too.

The game involves racing against Irina (and Chrissy) from San Francisco to New York City to win a $25 million dollar prize and rumor has it, Irina is pretty darn fast so buckle your seat belts! The game hits stores November 15th and we can hardly wait to channel our inner teenager and start playing video games all over again.

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