Reading Lists with Anja

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While Anja Rubik’s a seasoned pro at runway shows, today marks her first Victoria’s Secret experience.

What changed your mind?
I usually never do underwear shows, but this is so much fun, so relaxed, so cool, and I heard the Black Eyed Peas were going to be performing. It’s in New York and I live in New York, so I decided to do it! It’s pretty crazy.

Who convinced you do to the show?
Maryna [Linchuk] is actually a really good friend of mine. As is Caroline Trentini, and I know the stylist Charlotte Stockdale.

What are you going to do tomorrow to relax?
I’ll go have a massage. I don’t have much time because I have to catch a flight to L.A. to work!

And P.S.—She just finished reading The Beautiful Fall, which she recommends to everyone!

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