Ready for Heidi's Seriously Funny Show?

The world knows Heidi Klum as a model, Project Runway host, designer, mom, singer - the list goes on and on. But what many might not realize is that Heidi has a very acute sense of humor.

As a mother to four, she’s privy to the very hilarious, very outlandish things that kids tend to say. Pair those comments with her own humor and the end result is clearly brilliant for television. Back in October, Heidi announced her plan to host a new series, Seriously Funny Kids, on Lifetime, and now the first preview is out!

While the show doesn’t premiere for a few weeks - February 1st to be exact - this short and sweet clip is a perfect example of what to expect. Heidi’s leveraging her love for children and then outlandish comments into the perfect sort of entertainment on television. It’s a far cry from her Auf Wiedersehens and constructive criticism on Project Runway, but it’s a welcome look at another side of the supermodel.

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