Ringing in the New Year With Valentina Zelyaeva!

The presents have been unwrapped and the Christmas cookies have been devoured, so that could only mean one thing: New Year’s Eve is just around the corner! And while we’re scrambling to get our last minute plans together, we know of at least one top model who has her end of the year festivities all figured out.

Last week, we spent time catching up with Valentina Zalyaeva, who in between co-hosting Organice Your Life’s annual holiday party with Lonneke Engel, let us in on all of her special New Year’s Eve plans including where she’s staying and what she’ll be cooking for the occasion!  And, being the juicing guru that she is, Valentina made sure to give us the scoop on how she plans to stay fit and healthy while traveling this holiday season— not to mention a few of her best-kept winter beauty secrets!  So, while we’re busy getting our New Year’s Eve affairs in order, see how Valentina will be spending the holiday in our exclusive interview with the OYL beauty below!

Do you know where you will be celebrating the New Year?

I’ll be celebrating in Miami.  I just love the weather down there. I’ll just be taking it easy on the beach and having fun with friends.

Will you be celebrating with a special someone?

Yes, my finance will be with me.

Do you have any other plans for your stay in Miami?

I love to cook, so I think I’m going to make a huge dinner at home for everyone.   We’ll also have a lot of friends there, so it should be very fun.  And, we’ll probably go out a lot.

What will you be cooking for the occasion?

Well, I believe everything is about balance.  I’m not 100% vegan, and obviously my fiancé and my friends are not vegan, so I have to come up with a menu that will satisfy everybody.  I think I’m going to make an organic roast chicken with maybe some sweet potatoes on the side and broccoli.  Also, a lot of fresh vegetables and an big salad.

Obviously, you are well known for your healthy juicing tips.  Are you able to keep up your same juicing routine during the busy, and very indulgent, holiday season?

It’s a lot harder to stick to my regime when I’m traveling, so when I’m home I make sure that when I wake up in the morning I drink 1 liter of water with lemon, to cleanse my body from the inside, and then I’ll have a big jar of vegetable juice.  With the juice, I try to put a lot of different kinds of vegetables in there like zucchini, kale and broccoli.  It looks scary, but it’s so good for your body and I just love the taste of it.  It’s so fresh; I love it! Throughout the day, I’ll make a lot of green smoothies or salads, and then when I travel I try my hardest to just keep up the regime.  It’s not always easy, but I do my best.

Do you have a New Year’s resolution this year?

I’m so excited for the New Year!  This year, I would just like to be happy and positive.  You know, with my blog I always get a lot of really positive emails from readers who say to me, “Valentina, thank you for changing my life.  I started eating healthy because of you.”  To me that is the most important thing, it means so much to me, so I would really just like to keep doing this.  Also, I actually have a trip coming up.  I’ll be going to Peru, and it has always been my dream to go to Peru, so it should be very interesting.

Any new beauty tips for the New Year?

Yes, during the winter especially, our skin and hair can get very dry, so always drink a lot of water and fresh juices.  I also tend to eat a lot of avocado and coconut, which are full of natural, healthy fats.  Those are important for the skin.  Also, just make sure to keep exfoliating and moisturize, maybe two or three times a day.



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