Roles and Lives of Gemma Ward

In the past few years, she’s branched out from modeling, focusing on movie roles like The Black Balloon andPirates of the Caribbean. And come March 22, Gemma Ward will walk onto The Perth Theatre Company’s stage as the lead role in The Ugly One - celebrating not only her continuation in the acting world, but also her premiere moment on the stage. As a lead up to the curtain’s rise, Gemma held a press conference with her costars, Benj D’Addario, Brendan Ewing, and Geoff Kelso to discuss the film, her role, and the future of her career.

In addition to talking about her role in the play, which really equates to three personalities, Gemma addressed the fact that she removed herself from the modeling world for a few years. Considering the fact that she’s already slowly begun to inch back into the industry, it seems her fans can breathe easily. ”Yes, of course [I can do both]. It is interesting because as a model you do play a certain role and you know as an actor you play another role.”

Above, there is a first look at Gemma in a costume from the play, plus here’s a peek at Gemma holding her first press conference for the role!

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