Ruby Red Shoes in Honor of Oz, The Great and Powerful

There may not be any fashion accessory as powerful in the history of film as Dorothy’s ruby red slippers. With just three taps of her heels they had the power to transport her out of Oz and safely to her bed in Kansas. On top of that they were magically beautiful with a sparkle that seemed to radiate right of our television sets. The Wizard of Oz¬†was one of the most enchanting films of our childhood. Tomorrow¬†the prequel to the timeless classic, Oz, the Great and Powerful hits theaters and we couldn’t be more excited. The film has the fashion bar set high too, with costumes for thousands of characters going into production over a year ago including those for our favorite fashionistas, Mila Kunis and Michelle Williams. Unfortunately, there is no Dorothy character as the film takes place long before she arrived in Oz. Sad, we know. So in honor of Dorothy (and of course Judy Garland) we have pulled together some modern renditions of the ruby red slippers that have powers all their own. If only they could transport us to our beds after a long night on the town! Take a look and shop these fabulous shoes:

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