Rumor Alert: Cara Delevingne's Rumored Relationship With Harry Styles Is Causing A Twitter Stir!

According to recent reports from across the pond, Burberry model Cara Delevingne is rumored to be dating boy-band sensation, Harry Styles of One Direction. Earlier this month, the young couple was spotted leaving the Olympic VIP club at Omega House in London together, after having met during a night out at model hotspot Le Baron.  According to the UK tabloids, the pair has been texting quite a bit since then, and appear to be quite smitten with each other.

However, Cara isn’t the only Delevingne beauty interested in the pop sensation. The 19-year-old model’s big sis Poppy has previously admitted to having a crush on the British heartthrob, which makes us wonder if there is some tension on the home front.

“I have a total crush on him,” added Poppy.  “He walked past me at the Aquascutum show recently and I was salivating.  I like his curly hair and he looks like a little cherub.”

While Poppy has remained tight lipped about the teen’s blossoming relationship, the pop singer’s crazed fans have been nothing but forthcoming with their, shall we say, disapproval over the rumored love affair.  Poor Cara has recently found herself victim to some pretty harsh twitter chatter, receiving tweets from One Direction fans saying “you look like a dude,” and “I don’t like you, sorry.”

Through it all though, the rising model has let her fashion campaigns and runway appearances do the talking for her, responding, “well it seems to have worked well for me.”  Toucè Ms. Delevingne! If we knew it wouldn’t spark an all out mutiny, we would suggest these two lovebirds take their good looks to the campaign front and make the ultimate declaration of love!  For now though, can’t we all just play nice?

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