CONFIRMED! Molly Sims is Pregnant!

First it was Alessandra, then it was Lily, and now Molly Sims is reportedly pregnant! Talk about a model baby boom!

Molly, who married producer Scott Stuber back in September, has wanted children for quite some time. Back in 2009, she told Aspen Peak magazine of her plans to adopt and/or have children of her own, aware of her biological clock ticking, Huffington Post reported.

Though her pregnancy has yet to be confirmed, we’ve got our fingers crossed that these rumors are true. Not only do we have 100% faith that Molly will be the best Mommy ever, but we can’t even begin to imagine how beautiful her kids will be!

***EDIT: Molly just took to her website to share and confirm the exciting news!

Today, I am absolutely, positively, downright over the moon to announce that we are pregnant! There are simply no words to describe the feeling… I finally get what they mean when they say pregnant women GLOW. Our little bundle of joy is a honeymoon baby, due at the end of June. A first pregnancy is a nerve-wracking experience of course, but mostly we are just thrilled and excited. We can’t wait to meet him or her.”

Molly shared the news with her hubby Scott by slipping a typed up note into his fortune cookie so that at the end of dinner his fortune would let him know he was destined to be a daddy! How cute is that?!

Congratulations Molly and Scott!

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