Rumors, Unfounded

Image via New York Times

Those rumors that Agyness Deyn might leave modeling? So far, unconfirmed. The New York Times, which describes the model as Hello Kitty in a leather jacket, set out to prove them true or false in this week’s Thursday Styles, but in the long run, Aggy stayed mum. Her agent, however, did say she’ll continue to model.

She did admit that she is working on her acting career; the exact film and/or its plot, of course, was kept secret as well. But Agyness did hip Cintra Wilson to a few things while chatting at Veselka in New York’s East Village:

  • She really loves being in the moment. “Like being totally conscious. Laughing is, like, my favorite thing to do. Being with friends, having fun…being a bit daft.”

  • She credits Steven Meisel as not only a great friend, but the head of “model school” and the one who really started her career.

  • Her style influences can be targeted directly at her own vision—though she does “take little bits from loads of different people.”

  • And her schedule, when it comes to Fashion Week, is always up in the air—but due to her plans, not her castings.

Does she intend to spontaneously skip any Fashion Weeks, as she did last fall?
“I don’t know,” she said, airily. “I kind of make the decision a week before. I love doing it, but then sometimes I’m doing another project or something.”

But she didn’t actually skip Fashion Week; she walked in Anna Sui, after all.

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