Runway Recap: Calvin Klein Shows Us Strong

The collection Francisco Costa showed for Calvin Klein today was powerful. The shoulders were strong, the boots were tough and the the waists were tight. While these are elements we’ve seen at Calvin before we’ve yet to see them all together. Shiny and sexy were also at play here and those wallet size golden belt buckles gave the impression that Costa had superheros on the brain. Cat Woman (she’s a super villain, but you get the point) could only dream of a costume this chic. Speaking of supers, Carolyn Murphy strutted her stuff in a belted leather dress that was simultaneously sinister and lady-like. Esther Heesch’s shiny coated bustier and leather trouser look was stand out as was Julia Nobis’s white shearling jacket. The dresses with the cut-outs will be perfect for the celebrity set or for the next half of a power couple. Of course, it wouldn’t be Calvin without Karlie Kloss, who, with all the projects she’s taken on this year, may in fact BE a superhero.

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