Sartorial Secrets from Festival Queen, Alexa

Though the days of summer are slowly coming to a close, which means the end of dining outdoors, languid picnics in the park, and hours of sunlight, one thing that’s not over are outdoor concerts.

While the music fests aren’t about to end, the clothing attire of choice for hazy summer afternoons is. Shorts and barely-there tops paired with a melange of accessories will soon be unacceptable outfit options, so Alexa Chung’s come to your sartorial rescue.

“I usually just pick something I’m comfortable in and shove a Barbour over it because nothing is fun when you’re freezing cold,” said Alexa. “Wrap up warm, take lots of layers, a good scarf, check the weather reports, invest in some wellies. Don’t experiment with something you’ve never worn before, it needs to be comfortable.”

Given her festival experiences, and recent role as the host of Channel 4’s coverage of V Festival 2010, Alexa’s is a bit of advice we’ll gladly take.

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