Sasha and Edita Get Choo'd

Were you in line this weekend waiting for the Jimmy Choo launch at H&M?

If you missed out or are spending the morning stalking eBay for goodies, take a moment to watch the backstage video from the photo shoot starring Sasha Pivovarova, Edita V, and Anna J.

It takes place at everyone’s new favorite hangout, the Boom Boom Room, and in between takes the girls chat about their thoughts on the collection and accessories in their own closets. While Edita credits her jewelry collection to her grandmother, she agrees with Sasha’s admission to owning tons of accessories. Maybe Sasha P’s new nickname should be “Accessory Girl”?

We especially love the moment where Sasha schools the hairstylist on the pronunciation of her last name. Way to sass him, girl!

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