Selita Ebanks Gets Chop Happy!

Of all the reasons we love Twitter, here’s #1: constant updates from the models and immediate access to the fun activities in their day to day lives.

Today, that joy is coming thanks to Selita Ebanks, who’s busy in the salon, embarking on a brand new hair style - which is looking to be super short!

But it’s wasn’t all fun and games for Selita from beginning to end, apparently. Though she went into the cut with her decision made, everyone has that moment of regret when it comes to hair cuts, and she’s sharing those fears with the world! She Tweeted, “OMG I sat down in this salon chair and had a vision! Short cropped…and now I’m in tears! I’m freaking out! Abort abort abort!!!!! I trust my stylist Marshall, but I haven’t had such short hair in such a long time! And we’re doing color.”

Never fear though. With a bit of time and acclamation to her shorter locks, Selita’s back on board and is now a huge fan of her new tendrils - as are we! She said, “Ok guys I’m loving!!! Crisis averted. Cut is fab! Color time!” Can’t wait to see the end result!

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