Shop Your Style: Winter Coats

It’s coat weather, hooray! If you’re not celebrating with us it may be that the pea-coat you’ve been wearing since high-school is not providing the warmth and style that it used to. Shopping for a coat can be intimidating, after all, it’s usually one of the more expensive purchases you’ll make in a year and there are so many options to choose from. The pressure to find a coat that you’ll love now and still love five years from now is heavy. While our personal style may seem to be constantly evolving though, our model style icon typically stays the same. Case and point: if you loved what Kate Moss was wearing three years ago, chances are you are still equally as obsessed with her style today. So if you’re wondering if that embroidered shearling coat is too trendy just ask yourself “What would Kate do?” Not a boho gal? No worries, we’ve made a super easy guide that will make your coat shopping anxieties disappear.  Voila!

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