Show Your Love With These Valentine's Day Gifts!

So after going to the gym and before hurrying off to our next fashion appointment, we’re supposed to be planning a grand romantic gesture for our love interest all in honor of a patron saint? With the second coming of “Snowpocalypse” we’re supposed to be out shopping for sexy lingerie? This author thinks not. The cynic’s reaction to Valentine’s day is nothing new. In fact, these days, (and especially in New York) the resounding reaction to the holiday is a scoff and some serious eye rolling. Choosing not to participate in the so-called “Hallmark Holiday” is one thing, but to be anti-Valentine’s day, is a whole other thing and may be an unhealthy way of coping with being single. You may not have a fancy dinner date at Daniel or flowers and chocolate delivered to your work, but that does not mean that love isn’t in the air. As Diane Von Furstenberg so wisely advised in her recent interview for “The Cut,” “the most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself.” If finally giving in to those Charlotte Olympia shoes that you’ve been eyeing for the past few months makes you smile, then buy them, wear them out of the store, and smile all the way home! Love yourself this Valentine’s day!

Find some retail therapy with these super sumptuous V-day gifts in the slideshow below:

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