Social Media Supermodel Rank: Who Has the Most Followers?

From Facebook to Twitter, social media sites have become the new fan clubs, thrusting us into a world in which 18-year-old tween sensation Justin Bieber has more followers than our President- by 8 million!  Today, up-and-coming young models like Kate Upton, have their web-savvy skills and digital popularity to thank for their skyrocket to fame. With some 8,272, 113 views, Kate’s famous Dougie Youtube clip launched her into the media spotlight, and more recently, on the cover of GQ and in Vogue, proving that social media can be a model’s modern day best friend.  Fashionista.com even dubbed her the “First Social Media Supermodel” which had us wondering, are newcomers like Kate ahead of the social media pack, or are the fashion greats still reigning supreme in this digital age?  We tallied up models’ social media imprint (from Facebook and Twitter) and have ranked the top 15.  Can you guess who made the #1 spot?  Check out the full list below.

Tyra Banks: 9,126,761
Adriana Lima: 2,310,529 Heidi Klum: 2,191,447
Miranda Kerr: 1,838,532 Gisele Bündchen: 1,797,789 Cindy Crawford: 1,000,799


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