Spring Cleaning Efforts and Detoxifying Moments

Ever feel the need to just give your life a fresh start? It’s a sentiment we’ve all experienced, including Lonneke Engel, who spent the past week focusing on the feeling by hosting Detox Your Life week on her website, Organice Your Life. To round out the experience, she decided to embark upon a juice cleanse with Organic Avenue and host a shopping party as a way to welcome in spring with a fresh start - “a cleanse of your life and yourself” - as she put it.

On Tuesday night in Noho, Lonneke hosted an event at the Use Your Head store along with Valentina Zelyaeva to raise funds for Shop for a Cause and round out her coverage of Detox Your Life Week on her site. The models welcomed friends and supporters to the store for a night of shopping and donations. While some brought gently worn designer and contemporary items, others shopped in order to raise money for the homeless, as 100% of the proceeds from the store are donated to the homeless organization ACE New York. As a precursor to her hosting moment, Lonneke spent time volunteering at the store earlier in the day, and even found the dress she was wearing that evening!

She may not have been in attendance, but Doutzen Kroes showed her support for the cause, and her friend Lonneke, by providing a multitude of wonders to the store. She gave so much in fact, that a whole section of the store was dedicated to all that Doutzen donated. Going forward, Lonneke mentioned that the store will have specific tags mentioning just who donated each piece - so you know which home your new find came from - and the original owner.

As for the future of Lonneke’s intiatuves, she plans to host more events to tie back to her organic and green passions. In the meantime, check out her website for full coverage of the juice cleanse she’s experiencing with fellow friends and OYL contributors and initiate your own juice cleanse with friends, because, ”if you do it together you’re more likely to get it done, because [when you have someone to keep you accountable] even though you don’t like it.”

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