Step Up Your Style Game with Hard Hitting Trousers

It’s that time of year again: we’re sick of our winter clothes and it’s way too cold to wear that floral mini peaking out from our closets begging to be worn. As if we didn’t have enough difficulty getting dressed in the morning, in one week from now we will have to deal with the added pressure of looking, fresh, put-together and -we’re not ashamed to say it- noticeable. That’s right, come fashion week we will be towered over by models in heels and blocked from view by french fashion editors in monstrous furs, but with these punchy pants ,at least someone will see us. While many of us think of trousers as practical, these couldn’t be more fun. Pair these pants with a heavy leather jacket for an outfit that makes a statement and keeps you warm.

Get the look below!

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