Style File: Designers Get Figurative With Pop Art Objects This Season!

Fashion is a decorative art. Each season women adorn themselves in lace, leather, paisley, and stripes to the max, but recently, we’ve noticed designers ditching the decorative motif and finding inspiration in objects, animals, and persons from everyday life. Like pop artist Andy Warhol, designers are taking common place objects, and turning them into desirable pieces of fashion art. This past spring, the custom cars and smoking lips seen at Prada had fashion journalists all a frenzy wondering what Miuccia was saying about the state of fashion. While we may never know the method behind her madness, we can say for sure that we’re in LOVE with this trend! With a childhood sense of representation and intricate design work, these items are simultaneously serious and whimsical— the perfect combo for cool girl Kate Moss! White jeans and a black leather jacket will suddenly have a 60’s Americana vibe when paired with a Phillip Lim clutch modeled after a Roy Lichtenstein painting. To get you started, we’ve gathered up the best pop art pieces that are sure to pump up the volume and bring a little life into your wardrobe this season. Shop all the looks in the slideshow below!

See the full slideshow on modelinia.com

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