Suki Waterhouse Puts Model Friends Georgia May Jagger and Cara Delevingne on Display!

When we advised you to keep an eye on Suki Waterhouse yesterday, we weren’t kidding.  On top of landing both a dream guy and a dream job in a matter of only a few weeks, the British model is now ready to debut her first photography exhibition featuring you guessed it, models!

British superstars Cara Delevingne and Georgia May Jagger have both been photographed by the rising young star for the exhibition premiering tomorrow at the Eb and Flow Gallery in London.  Entitled I’ll Be Your Mirror, the model-lensed showcase is a part of a larger exhibition hosted by Next Models agency, which has enlisted three of its bright young talents— Reggie Yates and Imogen Morris Clarke join Suki— to get behind the camera to give their take on how their lives are perceived.  In Suki’s case, this included taking candid snapshots of her top model pals, along with one incredible self-portrait.

“Photographing friends means that there’s a spontaneity to the images,” said Suki to Vogue UK. “I have a lot of love for my friends and family and I love taking cool pictures of them. With the shots of Cara and Georgia, I think that they capture them well. In terms of self-portraits, they’re more personal. It’s like peeking in on myself once they’re developed.”

It was that same personal connection that also made the preparations leading up to the final showcase rather difficult for the up-and-comer, as she admits that it wasn’t easy to decide which of the black-and-white portraits were going to make the final cut.

“I had a lot of help,” said Suki. “There was so much I wanted to put in there, I had to have a Kalms herbal remedy tablet and calm down. In the end, I chose ones that linked up the best in terms of time and events. There are pictures that I want to save for years to come.”

Of course, if you ask us, Suki couldn’t have found two better subjects for her art gallery debut, as they’re sure to draw the attention of more than a few fashion tastemakers.  Oddly enough, I’ll Be Your Mirror is also now the second photo exhibit to feature Cara this month, which proves our original theory that the world simply can not get enough of the quirky Brit!

For more of Suki’s stunning model portraits, head over to Vogue.com and be sure to check out I’ll Be Your Mirror on display at London’s Eb and Flow Gallery starting April 17th!

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