Summer Sweep With Heidi Klum's Organization Expert Linda Rothschild!

Here at Modelinia, we’ve had the opportunity to glance inside more than one model closet. From drawers full of handbags to bedroom corner shoe arrangements, one thing that stands out as a common thread in all of their closets is lack of organization. Thankfully, Heidi Klum’s organization expert, Linda Rothschild, has some tips and tricks on organizing our closets and transitioning closet space from Summer to Fall.

Modelinia: What are the benefits of rotating the contents of your closet by season?
Linda Rothschild: Rotating the contents of your closet forces you to really look at what you have and make good decisions on what to keep and what to pass along. It also ensures that you have what you are currently wearing front and center. You don’t want to be sifting through linen dresses and sleeveless tops when it is chilly outside. Best of all, it makes room for any new purchases you make for the season!

M: Where in a house/apartment is the safest place to store off-season clothes?
LR: I’d put off-season items anywhere that you aren’t hogging valuable real estate – basically anywhere less accessible than the clothes you need to get on day to day. High shelves, guest bedroom closets, space under beds and even crawl spaces make perfect hideaways. Just make sure that the place you choose is dry – a damp basement is never a good place to store anything.

M: When choosing to store off-season clothes under a bed, what kind of storage container is best?
LR: The most important thing to look for in an under bed storage container is air-tightness. You don’t want to let in any dust that tends to gather under the bed! Plastic boxes are perfect for short-term storage; they even make versions specifically for under the bed with wheels for easy access.

M: What is the best method to store seasonal accessories like hats and scarves?
LR: I love a simple, clear plastic box that you can stack. They come in all sizes. I like to label them with see through labels or photos of what is inside.

M: What about strappy sandals - how do you pack those away without losing their shape?
LR: Stuff the shoes with tissue paper so that they don’t flatten out and then pack them away in individual boxes.

M: Any other tips for storing things away for the season?
LR: Whether clothes, shoes or accessories make sure everything is clean BEFORE it goes into storage.

For more of Linda’s organizational tips check out her website, CrossItOffYourList.com.

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