Super TV

Project Runway is officially back on, which means we’ll have Heidi Klum back on TV soon. Plus, Elle Macpherson signed on for Ashton Kutcher’s new scripted reality show Beautiful Life, so we’ll be getting our dose of models on the pages of magazines and on the small screen.

But now Bravo is bringing more supermodels to television for our viewing pleasure. Carol Alt, Maggie Rizer, Frederique van der Wal, Mariel Hemingway, Irina Pantaeva, and Patricia Velasquez have signed on for a docuseries, called Secret Lives of Supermodels, to show off their lives to the world. The girls band together as friends to deal with their day-to-day issues, trying to show that models’ lives are really not that different than ours. Obviously, we’re already on board and ready to DVR so we can watch the episodes over and over again.

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