Supermodel or Super Bowl: This Trainer Has You Covered

In anticipation of the Super Bowl, Modelinia caught up with super-athlete/supermodel trainer, Oscar Smith to get the low down on what it takes to be a Tom Brady or Gisele Bündchen. Oscar currently trains pro-athletes including Tom Brady and Justin Tuck, two NFL players participating in this year’s Super Bowl, as well as models like Hannah HolmanPetra Nemcova, and Selita Ebanks. Though vastly different in physique, the workout approach for running backs and runway strutters is surprisingly similar.

Read our exclusive interview with the highly coveted trainer to kick your body into Super Bowl and supermodel shape!

Modelinia: Can you walk us through a general workout routine that you do with your model clientele?

Oscar: Routine for models starts off with a stretch and a few minutes of cardio. Then core and upper body, then back to core and legs. We finish off with some kickboxing or more cardio.

Modelinia: As someone who trains both models and football players, we can only imagine that their routines are pretty different. Are there any exercises that they share?

Oscar: The football players and models share a lot of the same core routines and upper body work like pushups.

Modelinia: What’s the number one piece of equipment you use in your training sessions?

Oscar: I love my jump rope and the stairs in my gym. The girls hate it because I always make it the last thing to do, but I like to mix it up. You also can never go wrong with 5 pound dumbbells.

Modelinia: With the Super Bowl coming up, which model do you think would stand the best chance out on the field?

Oscar: The model you want on the field is Anais Mali. She is really hardcore. You’d also want Raica Oliveira, her looks can kill you as well as Hannah Holman and Katsia Zingarevich. With these girls on the field, the other team does not stand a chance. Oh, and Catherine McNeil, you cannot hold her back. She would be the running back on the team.

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