Supermodels Unite for Somalia

This morning Christy TurlingtonDoutzen KroesCoco RochaKarlie KlossHilary RhodaLily AldridgeJourdan Dunn, Ataui Deng, and Jeisa Chiminazzo joined Iman and Modelinia to introduce Modelinia Beautiful Friends Forever (BFF) Bracelets by nOir Jewelry to raise awareness for the devastating drought and famine in Somalia. 100% of the proceeds from the sales of these bracelets will be donated to Save the Children, an on the ground charity currently saving the lives of those affected by the drought. “The second Iman called me I was on board,” said Christy Turlington, “I’ve been to the Horn of Africa multiple times and it’s just heartbreaking to see what’s happening.” Indeed this is the worst famine we’ve seen in 60 years; over 12 million people have been affected and more than 29,000 children under the age of five have died. “As a mother I was eager to join the cause,” commented Jourdan Dunn, “and Iman is such an inspiration, I’m so excited to work with her to bring awareness to the crisis.”

The bracelets are designed using the colors of the Somalian flag and are currently available for $35 at www.noirjewelry.com. On September 12th they will also be available on endless.com and at Curve Boutiques in New York and Los Angeles. “I love the bracelets! They’re so adorable and I love that they’re for a good cause,” said Hilary Rhoda holding up her bracelet for us to see. “I gave one to my husband this morning because I like them so much,” gushed Ataui Deng who wore an African inspired Mara Hoffman tunic to further emphasize her support. “I grew up so close to where the famine is and I want to help in any way I can.” All the models were excited to kick off Fashion Week with a philanthropic focus. “Back when I was a model we used to joke about Fashion Week in New York because it always looked like the United Nations Summit because girls descend on New York from all different corners of the world. So I thought models should be given back their voices,” remarked Iman on the significant amount of models joining the movement. Be sure to keep an eye out throughout Fashion Week as more models show their support by wearing the Modelinia BFF Somalia bracelets, and make sure you get yours here! ~ Sonia Evers

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