Sweatshirts Are So Hot Right Now!

It’s that awkward time of the year again, when we’re stuck between seasons and utterly confused about what we want to wear. Spring clothes are hitting stores, but it’s still too cold outside, and we’ve been watching the Fall collections come down the runway for days. Just browsing over the most recent street style snaps from Milan we were shocked to see editors dashing to shows in spring skirts and blazers while the snow continued to fall-their poor bare legs! ┬áIt wasn’t until we looked more closely at what the models were wearing, that we had our “Aha!” moment. The sweatshirt would be our style solution to this little predicament! It’s lighter than a sweater and can be layered under leather jackets, it’s comfortable and not too serious, but it still makes a statement. And the best thing? You probably already have one in the back of your closet. Yep, this is a no-buy fashion fix for your mid-season blues. This look is all about mixing high and low. The trusty old soccer sweatshirt is just begging to leave the house, newly spruced up with these bright red Alexander Wang heels. If you’re worried that the two don’t “go together” just look to our favorite free-spirit, Chloe Norgaard, for some mix-and-match inspiration. It’s her “so what” attitude that makes the look. Be fearless and style your sweatshirt with some of these fab accessories, and have faith that if you do shop for a sweatshirt today, you’ll be able to wear it well into spring.

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