Tacos with Heidi Mount

Image via TFS

For most people, models are nameless pretty faces in advertisements that wear crazy clothes in far-off lands. Modelinia, of course, knows that these lovely ladies are real people with diverse interests, so we were enthralled with Heidi Mount’s candor in a recent interview with W.

The 22-year-old Utah native dished about life in her East Village neighborhood. “Right now, I like this Mexican restaurant called San Loco,” the model said of New York City’s favorite taco dive. “I also go to Cafe Pick Me Up a lot. They have a really good vegetable pizza.”

So what else does Heidi do? In addition to spending time with her husband and baby boy, she bikes, knits, and Tweets to keep her fans happy. But when she’s not on the runway or shooting a fabulous campaign or chatting it up with her mentor the Kaiser, Heidi gets serious about some good old television and other studious pastimes. “I love to watch some Maury and to dance to Britney Spears while I’m cleaning.” Ditto! ~ Tim Mitchell

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