Taking Hair Matters Into Her Own Hands

Image via Brooklyn's Twitter

Looks like Brooklyn Decker went down the Kate Moss route last night, and got a little chop happy with her hair. She Tweeted, “Have wanted bangs… SO taking into my own hands,” followed by a picture of a pair of scissors surrounded by blonde strands of hair!

You’ll remember back in October, Kate attended Bryan Ferry’s launch party for his latest album, (which she fronts) and decided to shear off her hair with a pair of kitchen scissors to bring back her bangs. Now Brooklyn’s the latest model to eschew the assistance of a hair dresser in order to add a bit of fringe to her look.

She updated her Twitter to read, “ My hairstylist @mr_wonderland and my agent are going to be very upset w/me. But hey, why not!” At long last, she filled in her followers - and her hairstylist - on her method of DIY bangs with the instructions, “Step 1: just take scissors and chop and chunk of hair off,” with a picture of her brand new hair style!

Obviously her new bangs will look different once she styles them, but we say, why not go bold with your hair? It’ll always grow back, after all.

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