The 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Casting Begins!

The casting process for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is in full swing with casting director John Pfeiffer narrowing down the search for this year’s line-up each day. Yesterday, Modelinia had the opportunity to attend a casting where we saw a whole slew of recognizable beauties as well as a number of newer faces.

Lined up on the 12th floor of Victoria’s Secret HQ, models waited patiently in the hallway before entering the casting room and changing into basic, black bikinis. Sitting quietly on a sofa outside, we chatted with newcomer, Barbara Beluco. “This is my first time at the casting and yes, I am very nervous,” she said. Although slipping into a skimpy bikini is of no consequence for this Brazilian native, she said that a casting panel always makes her a bit nervous. “I try not to think about it when I go in there, but it’s not always easy.” Indeed, once the girls step foot in the casting room, all eyes, cameras, and videos are on them.

Thankfully, John Pfeiffer is aware of the pressure-filled room and tries to make the environment as light and friendly as possible. Already on a first name basis with each of the girls, once the models began talking with the panel it seemed that their nerves settled quite a bit.

“I think anyone would and should be nervous when walking in front of people in a bathing suit, even if you know all the directors,” remarked¬†Lily Donaldson, who walked the show last year. Lily’s been out of commission for the past four months due to a horse riding accident, so the Victoria’s Secret show will be her first time back on the runway. “I’m really excited to get back to work, and I loved my outfit last year so we’ll see [what happens],” she said. Just like with any casting, these girls won’t know if they’re picked for the show until sometime next week when the designers begin their fittings.

“Just because a girl has walked before doesn’t mean she’ll walk again. Everything from their bodies to their overall look changes so we have to see them again and again,” John noted. That being said, he is thinking about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show all year long, so by the time the castings role around he already has a number of girls he’s looking forward to seeing. “Bregje [Heinen] is finally 18 so we were really excited to see her. Karlie [Kloss] is also of age this year, so hopefully she’ll walk the show.”

Unlike in the past when Alessandra and Karolina where first beginning their work with Victoria’s Secret, models have to be at least 18 to walk in the annual lingerie show. Alyssa Miller, who is now 21, had auditioned in the past but was turned down due to her age. “It would be a dream come true to walk [in the show],” Alyssa gushed, “especially because I’m American, my family would just be so excited.”

There’s no doubt that the casting process is a grueling experience, but these girls were able to keep bright, confident smiles on their faces throughout the process. “Confidence is most important,” John affirmed. “You can be the most beautiful girl in the world with a perfect body but if you don’t have that confidence and personality you’re not going to get cast. [...] If I were going to tell a girl one thing before the casting I would tell her that she’s already here because she’s proven she should be, so be confident, smile, and have a good time.”

We look forward to seeing the final list next week!

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