The 2013 Pirelli Calendar Has Arrived!

The day we’ve all been patiently awaiting is finally here!  The 2013 Pirelli calendar was officially unveiled earlier today in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and this year, you can expect more than a few surprises!

For one, don’t expect the same dose of artful nudity that you’ve come to associate with the annual calendar, as this year’s images are something quite unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. For 2013, photographer Steve McCurry’s opted to “portray women who are sexy without being nude,” choosing to shoot his 11 muses including Karlie Kloss, Petra NemcovaAdriana Lima (who was the first Pirelli model to pose while pregnant), Isabeli Fontana, and Liya Kebede in much more clothing than we are used to.  But if you thought you would be disappointed by the increase in attire, think again, because these images are nothing less than astonishing— and yes, they’re still incredibly sexy!

Aside from their stunning features, what truly connected this year’s group of models was their dedication to improving the world by means of their philanthropic organizations, committed activism and various humanitarian projects.  In the same spirit as the socially concerned models, McCurry’s choice of location aimed to capture the vibrant communities within Rio, which actually served as the backdrop for the two-week shoot.  When asked about the shoot’s concept, McCurry explained that he “wanted to photograph a mix of everyday people combined with a very special group of women known not only for their talent and beauty, but also for their charitable work and contributions to their communities.” He added, “Some of the women were models, but this is about their charities, and so I wasn’t photographing them naked.  It’s not about their bodies. Of their sexuality. You can photograph nudes anywhere. But these models […] are purposeful and idealistic people. So I wanted to photograph them in a special place, and Rio was perfect for this.”

The 40th edition of the calendar is complete with 34 stunning street-style images that tell the story of each model’s natural beauty in a way we haven’t seen before.  See the full cast of muses below and a look at the first of the few calendar shots to hit the webosphere thus far, and be sure to check back for the full calendar slideshow this week!


1. Isabeli Fontana
2. Petra Nemcova
3. Adriana Lima
4. Karlie Kloss
5. Elisa Sednaoui
6. Liya Kebede
7. Hanaa Ben Adbesslem
8. Kyleigh Kuhn
9. Summer Rayne Oakes
10. Sonia Braga (actress)
11. Marisa Monte (singer)

Liya Kebede

Summer Rayne Oakes

Sonia Braga

Capoeira professionals

Rio de Janeiro fruit seller

Rio de Janeiro street art


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