The All-In-One Lipstains To Add To Your Makeup Bag Today!

With summer in full effect, nothing makes those tanned cheeks and blonde streaks pop quite like a bright colored lip. Specifically, those full, kissable lips that only SI models and mermaids seem to have- think natural but somehow more luscious. Is it too much to ask for a vibrant shade, a little shine, and easy application that holds even during the pigment melting summer days?

Until now no one lip color has delivered all three of our beauty requests, much to our dismay.  Lipsticks may have the perfect hue but they can be too heavy for summer, and with all the sipping and swimming they’re likely to smear, or worse, disappear completely.  Glosses are great for shine and sparkle but can’t provide the right pop of color, not to mention their sticky reputation.  Then there are those high-pigment stains that are long lasting sure, but without any moisture they tend to leave lips dry and uneven.

When we had just come to terms with the fact that we would be carrying 3 different lip colors around with us forever, the beauty biz saved the day with these glossy stains, that combine the color qualities of a lipstick, the shine of a gloss, and the long wear look of a stain. Whether you’re after slight shade adjustment with just a glaze of color, or a vivid candy orange pout (layer it on!), we know these new stains will work for you.  See our editor’s top pick right here!

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