The Body and Soul of Teigen and Legend

Like many a model couple before them, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have officially become part of the photoshoot trend, as the gorgeous pair shot an editorial together for Gotham magazine!

Shot at the penthouse of the Hotel on Rivington in NYC’s Lower East Side, the couple mixes relaxing in lingerie with black tie bathtub lounging, because who doesn’t hang out in the tub in their evening best, champagne bottle and flutes in hand?

To add to the obviously stunningly gorgeous pictures, Chrissy and John open up about a few of their favorite NYC haunts - all of which involve food.¬†Given their day jobs as model and musician, it’s understandable that the couple relies on iChat in order to get through the pauses caused by required work travel. But in addition to missing each other, it’s their East Village apartment and the myriad of food options that always draw them back to the city.

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