The Eyes Have It

Makeup artist Sam Fine shows you how to get traffic-stopping eye looks.
by Fabiana Santana
If you think beautiful women can’t get any more beautiful, you’re wrong. Celebrity makeup artist Sam Fine has had a hand in creating some of the most iconic makeup looks on supermodels and actresses for over a decade. His deft hand has accentuated the features of Iman, Tyra Banks, Vanessa Williams, and so many more of the world’s most beautiful women. Highly recognized for his ability to translate trends, tips, and techniques into looks that work for an array of skin tones, it has been his mission to offer women a blueprint for creating looks they once thought were beyond their reach.

His brand-new instructional DVD, FINE: The Basics of Beauty, is a one-stop shop for beauty fans who want to know the tricks of the trade. Bonus: The DVD’s hidden scenes give you a glimpse of Sam’s work with super icon Iman! Double bonus: Sam stopped by to show us how to get the looks your favorite models have been sporting, and exactly what to do with that eye kit.


It’s easy to get Adriana’s sultry look with the Boho Exotic Eyes Kit from Victoria’s Secret. Complete with a pair of “Flutter” Eyelashes, you’ll be batting your way to sexy eyes in no time.

Sam’s How-To:
“Using the Rajah Brown Shimmer Shadow, sweep across the bottom lid for a smoky eye effect, and on the top lid from lash line to crease. Then, using the Maharani Rose Shadow, sweep in the center of the eyelid layering over the base shadow to re-create the highlighted effect. Line the upper lash line with the India Ink Black Kohl Liner to create added definition. Finish off the look with the “Flutter” Eyelashes, which add a dramatic finish.”


Are you a rockstar in the making, or maybe you just want to look like one? Duplicate Agyness’ stage-ready glam look with Bare Escentuals’ bareMinerals Tutorials Rocker Eye kit. A double-ended brush makes applying the sparkling- and-smoky glimmer powder and black leather liner shadow a snap.

Sam’s How-To:
“Start with a translucent powder underneath the eyes to catch any debris from the dark shadow. Using the bareMinerals 1980s Eyecolor, tap away the excess and apply to the lower lids just slightly thicker than eyeliner. Use the same shade on the upper lids right to the crease, not over. Fan out the corners of the outer eyes to create the cat eye effect with the excess makeup left behind on the brush. Go over the shadow already applied with the Black Leather Liner Shadow to deepen this look. Just before you apply black mascara, take the silver shimmer and apply to the inner lower lid for contrast and definition. Finish with tons of black mascara.”


A hip twist on the classic smoky look, this version gives your eyes drama while enhancing your natural eye color. Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner makes it especially easy since each kit, complete with nine perfectly coordinated shades, is designed for specific eye colors.

Sam’s How-To:
“Start off eyes with a pewter shadow brushed all over the entire lid, bringing it out over the crease and to the brow bone and apply the same color to the lower lids. Use a warm golden shadow just in the crease of the eye. This technique will add contrast, allowing eyes to look deeper and seem more open. Use an eggplant liquid liner on the inner lower lash line, and finish off with mascara on both the top and bottom lashes.”


Caroline Trentini’s stunning smoky eye is easy to achieve with Sephora’s Smoky Eye Palette. The all-in-one includes every tool you need to replicate the look from shadow and pencil to applicators and how-to photos, so tackling a touch-up on the go is no problem.

Sam’s How-To:
“Apply the base shadow on the upper and lower lids, fanning it toward the outer corners to create a smoky effect. Lightly apply the khaki green shadow on the lower lids, blending it onto the base as you brush it on. Then use the black shadow and, starting from the middle of each lash line, apply the shadow outward toward the outer corner—do the same on the bottom and connect the shadow at the corner. Using a light golden highlighter shadow and a thin eye shadow brush, brush the inner corners of the eyes. You can add more definition by going over the black shadow with a black liner, and finish the look (like always) with mascara on the top and bottom lashes.”


Want Lakshmi’s exotic eyes but don’t have the genes to pull it off naturally? No problem! Dior’s 5 Colours Iridescent Eyeshadow in Petal Shine will transform your everyday look to striking scopes with it’s Wet Reflect technology that saturates powders with pearlescent particles for never-before-seen brilliance!

Sam’s How-To:
“Using metallic silver, brush the shadow liberally from the inner corner of both the upper and lower lids just to the middle of each eye. Using a dark navy shadow, continue where you left off with the first shadow and drag it to the outer corners of the eye. Smudge the two shadows where they meet so it doesn’t seem so perfect and neat. Add mascara, and you’re done!”

Check out Sam’s DVD and watch as he tracks today’s hottest trends. He shows you how to get the look you want using the products that work best for your skin tone. Whether you need to cover a blemish or get that natural look, Sam is your man.

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