The Models Agree: Bullying is Never Fashionable!

Here at Modelinia, we have a pretty open mind when it comes to experimenting with the season’s running list of trends, however far fetched they may be.  But there is one thing that we can guarantee you will never, EVER, be in style and that’s bullying! Trust us, even the models have our backs on this one.

Just recently, we spotted fashion beauty and health/wellness guru Lonneke Engel rocking one of Rachel Roy’s stylish anti-bullying tees created with the Pacer Center in support of the popular film, Bully, which we instantly flagged as one of our favorite street-style looks as of late.  Much like Chrissy Teigen and Charlotte Free, who modeled the tee at the time of its release, Lonneke’s recent statement-making style proves that supporting a great cause like bullying prevention can be as easy as just getting dressed!

With the holiday season upon us now, we couldn’t think of a better gift for the ones you love than a gift that will not only win you some style points, but will also aid a much-needed cause.  Lets make this tee the next big trend of 2013!

Pick up your own limited-edition Rachel Roy tee here!

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