The Name on Everybody's Lips Is Gonna be Christie

An entire weekend has passed, but Modelinia is still digesting the amazingness that was Oprah’s show on Friday, featuring supermodels including Cheryl TiegsChristie BrinkleyStephanie Seymour, and Beverly Johnson.

Between their candid comments, the personal recounts of their lives, and the massive collection of photos accumulated to display from their careers, it was a supermodel reunion to remember. And in between tales of discovery and their experiences, Christie announced that she’s making her Broadway debut!

Beginning on April 4th, she’ll play Roxie Hart in the revival of Chicago at the Ambassador Theatre! She chatted backstage at Oprah about the prep work required for her premiere moment on the stage, which includes dance lessons, voice lessons, and script memorization.

“I wake up in the morning counting!” she said. “My feet are constantly moving now, I’m really enjoying it. There’s a lot to do, it can be really daunting, but it’s something I always dreamt of, so when the opportunity came I just could not pass it by!”

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