Theodora & Callum is Model AND Celebrity Approved!

We became obsessed with Theodora & Callum as soon as the brand launched, and our excitement for the creations by Stefani Greenfield and Desiree Gruber only grew when we were afforded a behind the scenes peek at the campaign starring Dominique Piek and Alina Puscau.

Then we spotted wearing a Elettra Wiedemann wearing the Theodora & Callum gold leaf fringe choker and our love bloomed greater.

Now Julia Roberts is expressing her love for Theodora & Callum on Oprah, as one of her favorite things! As the world is well aware, Oprah regularly hosts her own “Favorite Things” episodes, and seeing as there are only a few episodes left of the talk show, Julia wanted to celebrate her own. Cut to the actress boasting Theodora & Callum scarves, and we’re swooning.

We told you about the models’ love for the new accessories brand and now Julia Roberts just expressed her addiction to the scarves on national television, meaning you clearly need to add a bit of Theodora & Callum to your life! It’s model AND actress approved.

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