Up Next on Erin's Life Plan

As a highly recognizable model, Erin Wasson parlayed her runway experience into styling and fashion design by working with Alexander Wang and launching her own line of jewelry. Now she’s partnered with Zadig & Voltaire to design her own capsule collection, but that’s not all!

The model turned designer turned stylist is anticipating her next move in the creative world, which could very well be in the realm of interior design. “I’ve thought about sculptural pieces and interior pieces. Interior design is just another extension because when you design clothing and jewellery, you’re creating a lifestyle and naturally you take that to another level,” Erin said.

Now, we’ve all seen images of the inside of Erin’s apartment, thanks to blogs like The Selby, so it’s hardly shocking that she’d want to move into the world of home decor. After all, she can build her own shelves, stun boys with her power tool skills, and effectively decorate the interior of her abode to reflect her own personal style like no other.

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