Valentina Zelyaeva's Secrets to Staying Healthy Through the Holiday Season!

One of the down sides to taking part in the ultimate Turkey Day feast is that you have the unfortunate privilege of watching the numbers on your scale increase just in time for all of those stellar holiday parties!  But now that the leftover containers have all been licked clean and the results of our overindulgence have taken full effect, we figured it was about time we started undoing a little of that bad-behavior.

Enter Valentina Zelyaeva!  Aside from being a long-time Ralph Lauren model, Valentina also works as a health/wellness guru and master juicer for Organice Your Life, making her our perfect guide to getting back on track after the extravagant holiday season.  With her expert detoxing strategies and tips on this season’s key juicing ingredients, staying clean and healthy has never been easier!  See our exclusive interview with Valentina below and get the scoop on how to enjoy this season’s festivities while still looking and feeling your best!

Do you have a festive juice recipe for the holidays?
I really like this new juice combo: carrots &  yams (sweet potatoes are especially good for woman, it helps to balance hormones). I like to juice it and then add a touch of “Pumpkin Pie Spice” into the glass. It has a sweet taste, very warming which is perfect for winter and Holiday Season.
Is there a great detox juice for the aftermath of a big eating holiday like Thanksgiving?
I suggest to stock up on ginger! Ginger is great for digestion. In the morning you can have a shot of ginger juice. Or I also like to make fresh ginger tea (shred ginger, add hot water to the cup and sip it.  You can also add honey or lemon)

Would you suggest adding any ingredients to help keep your skin glowing throughout the winter months?
In winter time, it’s a good idea to add “good fats”: coconut oil, avocado, Olive Oil, Flax seed oil. It will keep your skin moisturized from the inside.

With so many holiday parties coming up, how do you enjoy all the treats without going overboard?
Before I go to a party, I have a big smoothie (3 bananas + 2 TS hemp seeds + raw cacao powder), so that when I arrive there I’m not starving. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the good company.  If you eat something “un-healthy” do not punish yourself, just make sure that the next day you have lots of water and green juices.

Do you have any other favorite juicing products?
I really like Spirulina. I add 1 TS to my smoothies or to a glass of juice. Spirulina is a complete protein, bio available and easily digestibled by your body (great source of proteins for vegans). Also, it cleans your blood.

What healthy food are you craving right now?
Im craving steel-cut oats with almond milk and beets! A friend of mine inspired me to try adding beets to my smoothies. So here is a recipe: 1/4 pineapple + 1 pear +1 beet +1 cup water. Put it all in a BlendTec or other high speed blender. MIx for 30 sec. Ready. SO YUMMYY! I’m craving it right now as I’m answering this question!

For even more great recipes and health/wellness tips check out Valentina’s blog and follow her on Twitter @val_zelyaeva

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