Want a Peek at a Young Kate Moss?

In the spirit of another Monday, allow us to break up your work day and present you with this vintage video of Kate Moss - because who doesn’t love a good throwback clip?

Though it’s only a short (and silent) 44 second little video, it’s an interesting look at the super, before she was a super. The grainy clip is credited as an audition tape for L’Oréal, though for what specifically, we don’t know.

Most interestingly, however, are all the signs of the Kate Moss we know and love. Her all-knowing grin, the side gaze, the eyes that simply penetrate you as if she knows you…

But one hint that we’re not so used to from Kate is a slight shyness to her movements and her young smiles - a rare look at the supermodel from her origins in the fashion industry.

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