Want the Chance to Impress Kate Moss?

Guest Judge: KATE MOSS!

Model and fashion fans have more than likely spent hours of downtime on Polyvore, but now there’s a very good reason to dedicate all your time to creating sets!

While the set regularly holds contests, their latest is nothing short of amazing, because Kate Moss is judging it! As the cover girl for Bryan Ferry’s newest album, Olympia, Kate’s joined his posse of Roxy Girls, and wants you to create a look for her! Here’s the challenge: create a new or classic look for Roxy Girls, who are women who embody ritz, confidence and glamour. Kate’s personally choosing her favorites, meaning your Polyvore set could snag the attention of a supermodel. The two winners will receive a deluxe edition album and 40 page coffee table book signed by Kate and Bryan, but in our opinion, Kate’s approval is prize enough as it is.

In other Moss-y news, she’s rumored to be the newest face of Christian Dior lipstick…

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