Want the Victoria's Secret Model Tips to Instantly Look Your Best In Photos?

© Rob Grabowski

To Candice Swanepoel, everything comes naturally. She’s got that signature Victoria’s Secret figure, though she says she does feel self-conscious before slipping into lingerie. She’s got a chic and simple sense of style - think white tees with Rag & Bone skinny jeans paired with Christian Louboutin black ankle boots. And she’s sweet and friendly.

At the launch of The Nakeds, a new collection of barely-there bras and underwear, at Chicago’s Michigan Avenue Victoria’s Secret store last week, a line of fans spilled out of the store and down the street to have their picture taken with Candice. For several hours, she chatted with each attendee until the photographer said one, two, three. Then, Candice transformed from friendly to fierce as the camera flashed.

She transitioned for the camera so naturally that when I asked Candice to teach me how to pose in a photograph, she had to stop and think. One look at your friends (or your own) Facebook profile pictures will show you that everyone’s got the hand-on-the- hip, skinny arm trick mastered. Other tricks to looking your best in photos must exist, right? Candice is here to help you work it in front of the camera. Here’s some of her secrets to look like an angel (literally) in photos…

1. Put your best face forward. It’s true that you do have a better side. Look at pictures of yourself and figure out what you think looks best. And the next time you take a photo, smile with that side in front of the camera.

2. Lengthen your body. Candice says stick hips to the side a bit and stand up straight. Putting your hips to the side helps you avoid photo suicide of standing directly forward facing, mugshot style in front of the camera.

3. Push your boobs out. Be careful not to overdo it, but don’t shy away from showing off your figure.Candice says simply wearing a comfortable and supportive bra makes a major improvement.

4. When in a chair, sit on the edge. I learned this lesson firsthand. As the photographer took a photo of Candice and me, she leaped to the edge of her chair. I took notice and jumped to the front of mine too. “That’s right,” said Candice. “Show off your shape, don’t let it disappear into the chair.”

5. Show off your shoes. Easy for Candice to say in her Louboutins, but she does have a point. A stance with feet a bit apart with one foot more open to the camera lengthens your legs. ~Adryanna Dillon

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