Want to Watch Doutzen's New Commercial?

Whether you’re stuck at home because of the blizzard, stuck in an airport because of canceled travel, or just home for the holiday break, we’re here to entertain.

Though she’s currently enjoying the glow that comes along with expecting a child, Doutzen Kroes recently shot a brand new commercial, with a very interesting plot line. She arrives home on her bike, after having battled the rain, and shows off her new snapshots to her grandmother over a cup of hot coffee. With a quick peek at the images, Doutzen’s grandmother has a genius idea - that she should become a model, and thus her career is born.

While it’s a brilliant collaboration for Doutzen, as both she and the brand, Douwe Egberts, are from Friesland in the Neatherlands, it’s even more interesting for the coffee. The basic story they’ve created is: good coffee = good ideas, and at least according to Douwe Egberts, good coffee = the reason the world knows Doutzen as a model. Regardless of the plot, any move into commercials and TV is wonderful for Doutzen!

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