What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

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Imogen Morris Clarke can add four titles to her current resume it seems: Model, photographer, blogger, and reporter! She started her very own blog just a few weeks ago and began publishing photographs she took of her friends - from backstage snaps to fun adventures in the city. But now she’s branching out with her subject choice and putting her interviewing hat on. Imogen just posted a cute little item where she dug deep into the childhood memories of her fellow models to find out their previous career passions, including aspirations to become teachers, firewomen, and paleontologists! Read on to find out which girls loved animals, which girls loved volcanos, and which girls loved playing school.

Mathilde Frachon – ‘When I was a little girl I wanted to become a princess … or a firewoman.’

Hannah Holman – ‘I wanted to be a criminal pathologist.’

Jacquelyn Jablonski - When I was younger I wanted to be a thousand things but one of them was a teacher… my friends and I would always play “school” when we were younger. We would set up a classroom with school supplies and decorations, like name tags and a chalkboard, and would make up homework assignments for our “students.”

Meghan Collison - ‘I wanted to be Snow White. It was my favourite Disney movie.’

Tilda Lindstam - ‘I’ve always wanted to become a pilot. I even applied to a pilot-gymnasium in the very north of Sweden. Decided not to go though, since I would have had to move by myself to a northern Swedish city out in the middle of nowhere with like 5000 inhabitants.’

Eniko Mihalik – ‘When I was a kid some relatives of mine owned a little deli, so whenever we would go to visit them I would just go to the shop, stand behind the counter and play with cash register. I loved it! Whenever I was home playing with my friends I set up a table, with products on it, and just press and press the buttons on my own little cash register. It was the most amazing thing when I was little. So yes, I guess I wanted to become a cashier, and I still would enjoy it!

Skye Stracke – ‘Either in a band or a make up artist.’

Amanda Norgaard - ‘I wanted to be a librarian because I wanted to scan the books and make the beep sound!’

Dorothea Barth Jorgensen
– ‘I’ve always wanted to become an actress.’

Ali Michael – ‘I wanted to be a paleontologist because I was obsessed with dinosaurs. I also wanted to be a surgeon because I loved blood and guts.’

Toni Garrn – ‘I wanted to be a cashier at a grocery shop.’

Frida Gustavsson – ‘A pilot. I just thought being able to fly high in the sky and being in control would be so amazing. I’ve always loved the feeling when you take off.’

Nimue Smit – ‘A vet, because I loved animals.’

Hanne Gaby – ‘I wanted to be a psychologist who lived on a farm and was also involved in politics. And have a big tree house in the garden. That was my plan until I was 16, then school did study choice tests, and I got totally confused until I started modelling. I still want to live on a farm, and have a tree house of course.’

Lindsey Wixson – ‘A chef, because my grandmother taught me to cook, or a lawyer, because I thought they were cool after watching Legally Blonde 2.’

Sara Blomqvist – ‘First I said I wanted to be a thief, but that was mainly because everyone else said they wanted to be cops, and I just wanted to contradict. What I really wanted to be was a vet, at least most of the time.’

Kasia Struss – ‘I wanted to have my own grocery store.’

Sigrid Agren – ‘When I was little, I wanted to be a volcanologist because there is a volcano on the island I grew up in, Martinique, and it fascinated me.’

Jac – ‘I had many ideas! From five to eight years old, I wanted to be a vet (as I was an animal maniac.) Then from eight to ten years old, a teacher (I have no idea why!) and then a chef, archaeologist etc …. now I just know it’s impossible to plan my future.’

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