'90s Supermodels Dish on Regrets, Advice and Hermes Bags!

Contrary to popular opinion, getting older does have its advantages.  Yes, we know that sagging skin and slower metabolism are discouraging, but with those added wrinkles comes the added benefit of  some much-needed wisdom, something we most certainly didn’t have back in our high school days.  And while the supermodels of our time might not be susceptible to the negative effects of aging— just take a look at Kate Moss’s latest string of fashion campaigns if you need any convincing— don’t think for one second that they are immune to regrets and missed opportunities.

Don’t believe us?  Well, look no further than this season’s special edition Elle Collections Spring/Summer 2013 issue, which enlisted a gaggle of our favorite ’90s supers to dish on the little nuggets of wisdom and advice that they would share with their teenage selves if they could.  Ranging from inspirational and spiritual, to truly enlightened, Naomi Campbell, Amber VallettaHelena Christensen and Niki Taylor prove that they are not only fashion gurus, but also all-around life coaches!  Seriously, had we had these insightful beauties guiding our way when we were sixteen, lets just say we’d be sleeping a little better at night today.

But you don’t work in a grueling industry like fashion for over a decade and not pick up some savvy business advice too along the way.  In the case of Claudia Schiffer, that business advice comes in the form of a ‘could have been’ Hermes bag.  In response to Elle’s question, the German super offered this tidbit: “In five years time Hermes will ask if they can name a bag after you, as they have Kelly and Birkin.  Ignore your agent and say ‘Yes.’”

Although we seriously doubt we’ll ever be presented with such a dilemma, they’re wise words nonetheless.  Of course now, we can’t help but to wonder what the ‘Claudia’ would have looked like.  One thing is for sure, Claudia’s missed opportunity is our closet’s missed “it bag.”

See what a few of the iconic supermodels had to say below and check out the full story featured in the Spring/Summer 2013 issue of Elle Collections on newsstands today!

Naomi Campbell: ”Always trust your instincts”

Amber Valletta: ”Relax and truly enjoy the adventure ahead of you”
Helena Christensen: ”Feel with your heart and think with your brain. Be curious, adventurous, kind, and don’t ever let anyone bring you down. Don’t forget that sad moments are as important as the joyous ones”
Niki Taylor: ”Be still… and truly know what it means”

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