When Lily Met the Devil

Lily Cole is fresh off her appearance in Cannes for the long-awaited film, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. And for those not lucky enough to walk the red carpet with the stars, here are two more peeks at the film before it hits the big screen. Lily plays Valentina, a young girl in a traveling circus who must be saved from a pact her father made with the devil. The clip above shows Valentina admitting that she’s 16, which is her bewitching age based on the deal, and the clip below shows her father beginning to explain her ill fate.

Post Cannes, Lily is back at Cambridge for a history of art exam, and then it’s on to more acting, this time on the vampire film The Moth Diaries. As for The Imaginarium, no date is set yet for the U.S. release, but it’s slated to appear in theaters in Europe come September.

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