Which Model Inspired Tyra?

Currently, Tyra Banks is seen as a force in the industry - catapulting her experience as a model into a highly successful television show and now a brand new website. But she wasn’t always the one named wonder that she is today.

Before she became the impressively powerful individual that is now, Tyra found inspiration in one of her fellow supermodels. Any guess as to just which model that could be?

“I remember one day being backstage at a fashion show in Paris and in walks this woman…And then the crowd parted and it was Cindy Crawford. She was hosting MTV’s House of Style, and I was just like, ‘Wooooaaaahhhh. She’s not waiting for a phone to ring and for a designer to hire her, and I know she has a Revlon contract, and I hear that she has an office at Revlon.’ Like, to me, her having an office in the Revlon building was like, ‘I want an office in a building like that’.”

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