History of Models: Model Muses Over the Years at the Met’s Costume Institute

Through the ages, fashion may have changed, but one thing has stayed the same: Designers will always have their model muses. Here’s a look back at past Costume Institute Galas, displaying a variety of sartorial choices and themes.

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Live from Lincoln Center!

Model Twitter moments from day 4 of New York Fashion Week.

What's Trending: Gisele and Gigi Hadid's Limitless Lashes

Long, fluttery, look-at-me lashes— specifically those of the false variety— took over the eyes of our favorite models last February, popping up at such notable shows as Gucci, Versace, Saint Laurent and Rochas to name a few. But if the lashes of the Swinging Sixties were categorized as thick and doll-like, this season's lash is all about enhancing what you have for a softer, more natural lash effect.