Models Cast as the Bond Girls

We recast the most memorable Bond Girls with our favorite top models!

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Live from Lincoln Center!

Model Twitter moments from day 4 of New York Fashion Week.

The Models' Best Reactions to #TheDress

If you’ve been online or anywhere near your phone in the past few hours, it’s likely that you’ve been piqued by #TheDress debate. While most of the country was either in bed sleeping (or in our case, watching the Victoria's Secret Swim Special), a viral image of a dress that appears black and blue to some and white and gold to others broke the Internet. The world was divided into two camps: #blueandblack and #whiteandgold (and then there’s the confused folks who are aren't sure where they lie). Opinions were laid bare, passionate debates were had, and eventually, the models took sides. Here, where Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid, Lily Aldridge and others stand on the #DressGate 2015: