The Dazzling Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bras

Feel like a million bucks? Take a look at the 16 multi-million dollar fantasy bras from Victoria's Secret!

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Live from Lincoln Center!

Model Twitter moments from day 4 of New York Fashion Week.

Model Twitpics of The Week!

You know what they say about April Showers right? Of course they bring May Flowers, and along with May flowers, we also get some pretty epic pictures shared by our favorite girls! From Karlie Kloss sharing the most EPIC #tbt ever (and proving that Coachella style was really a thing all those years ago) to Kendall Jenner showing us that Kim isn't the only Kardashian with considerable assets to Chrissy Teigen confusing herself over a chemistry candy shop, check out the slideshow below for today's Twitpics!