Retrospective: Gisele Bündchen

We take a look at Gisele's career.

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Live from Lincoln Center!

Model Twitter moments from day 4 of New York Fashion Week.

Karlie Kloss Goes Old-School for the Launch of Her Latest Frame Denim Collaboration

Typically, the phrase "model collaboration" refers to a capsule collection lasting no more than a season or two. But two years after launching her line of extra-long jeans with Frame Denim, Karlie Kloss is showing no signs of slowing down — in fact, some would say she's just getting started. On Friday night, the supermodel-mogul joined the brand in celebrating the launch of her new pre-fall 15 collection, which first launched in 2013 after Karlie mentioned to founders Jens Grede and Erik Torstensson that she couldn't find the right pair of jeans with a longer-than-standard inseam for her tall frame. Called ‘Forever Karlie,’ the capsule debuted with a longer skinny jean and the flare, which fit perfectly with Frame's late '70s, New York-inspired aesthetic. This season, Karlie is adding two silhouette staples to the classics, including a boyfriend jean and short, "Le Petit Ami," which aim to create a more relaxed look and roomier fit.

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